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$25.00 USD

Faculty:  Ana Menéndez

Writing Backwards: Starting at the Ending.  Writing seems like one of the most linear of art forms. It certainly feels that way for most readers, who begin with the first word and proceed, in orderly fashion, to the last. But for the writer, a short story may first take shape with an idea of an ending: an image, a sound, a moment towards which the narrative will eventually drive (even if, as E.L. Doctorow famously suggested, for most of that journey the writer will only see as far as the headlights.) In addition to manuscript critique, we’ll take a light historical trip of our own through various fad-endings, including epiphanies, twists and resolutions. And we’ll study some of the most compelling examples of the form before diving into a short-story workshop that will concentrate on what reporters call “the kicker”: writing an ending that will resonate long after the story’s close.

In a single file, submit one or more short stories of no more than 25 pages total.  No synopsis necessary.
Required format for writing samples:

  1. Page numbers must be consecutive throughout the manuscript.
  2. Font must be 12-pt Times New Roman and Arial.
  3. Margins must be 1 inch.
  4. All prose manuscripts must be double-spaced. All manuscripts must contain a header or footer with page numbers and author’s name.
  5. No extra spacing between paragraphs except that which indicates transitions.
  6. If you submit more than 25 pages, the coordinator will cut as necessary. 
  7. Do not include title pages or dedications.
  8. Please submit in a single file.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.