Ends on November 1, 2019

$25.00 USD

Faculty: Les Standiford

The workshop will focus on the refinement of a feature film synopsis and its first act (or a complete dramatic short of up to 25 pp), with attention to the particular nature of screenwriting language and form, dramatic structure, scene, character and dialogue.  Applicants will submit a synopsis of no more than 500 words along with a first act of no more than 25 pp.  Each day's session will consist of an hour's discussion of principles, followed by an hour's discussion of each of two submissions, including the cogency of the synopsis and the efficacy of the opening act.

Submit the opening 25 pages of a screenplay or a complete dramatic short of up to 25 pages plus a synopsis of no more than 500 words.

Required format for writing samples:

  1. Please follow standard screenplay formatting practices (Courier, 12-pt font). 
  2. Submit your work in pdf only.
  3. Page numbers must be consecutive throughout the manuscript.
  4. All manuscripts must contain a header or footer with page numbers and author’s name.
  5. If you submit more than 26 pages (25 of manuscript + 1-p synopsis), the coordinator will cut as necessary. 
  6. Do not include title pages or dedications.