Ends on November 1, 2019

$25.00 USD

Faculty: Gregory Pardlo

In this craft-based workshop, we will begin with a high-altitude view to help analyze the poet’s overall writing practice. Using both generative homework exercises and representative samples of previous poems, we will look for trends, tendencies and idiosyncrasies to identify distinctive characteristics of the poet’s voice. This is not necessarily a workshop for “fixing” individual poems or acquiring tricks of the trade. We will use our grasp of the poet’s unique style to devise a path toward building on her strengths and expanding her practice of constructing poems in general.

Please submit up to 10 pages of poetry.
Required format for writing samples:

  1. All poems must be submitted as one document.
  2. Font must be 12-pt Times New Roman or Arial, single-spaced.
  3. All manuscripts must contain a header or footer with page numbers and author’s name.
  4. Titles of each poem should appear in all caps and each new poem should start on a new page.